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Process Explorer 16.0 Adds VirusTotal Integration


Author Mark Russinovich just dropped version 16.0 of Sysinternals procexp, an indispensable utility that displays a tree view of every process on a Windows system along with its resource consumption. Procexp’s visual representation of the activity on a system is

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CyanogenMod Breaks New Ground on Mobile Privacy


While Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are busy bending knee to their government handlers and/or telling marketing departments what color underwear you have on, the incredibly smart and capable developers of the CyanogenMod aftermarket Android distribution are cooking up compelling

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Windows XP End Of Support Life Coming Soon


As a reminder, Windows XP will officially reach EOSL (End Of Support Life) on April 8, 2014, a milestone in the making for over a decade, finally coming up a little over eight months from now. On this date, Microsoft

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TrueCrypt Container Sizing for Optical Media

One of the most consistently referenced articles here is my procedure for preparing and burning encrypted CDs with TrueCrypt. It ranks highly on Google for “truecrypt cd” and “truecrypt dvd”, so those referred are often searching for the best TrueCrypt

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TrueCrypt 7.1a Released

A minor update to the TrueCrypt free open-source disk encryption tool arrived today, version 7.1a, some five months since the release of the previous stable version. I have upgraded several systems to the new version without issue, including two laptops

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A Look at the Performance Impact of Hardware-Accelerated AES

TrueCrypt Benchmark, Hardware-Accelerated AES Enabled

In 2010, semiconductor manufacturers began migrating the algorithmically intensive portions of the AES cipher on-die in the form of the AES-NI instruction set. Many cryptographic APIs and applications have enabled support for this new technology, and none hesitate to tout

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TrueCrypt 7.1 Released

Sparse remarks in the changelog for today’s updated release of the TrueCrypt free open-source disk encryption tool, version 7.1, the first new release in nearly a year. Primarily it looks like they have added support for Mac OS X 10.7

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TrueCrypt 7.0a Released

A minor bugfix update to the TrueCrypt disk encryption tool, version 7.0a, was released yesterday. The release notes cite minor bugfixes only, so this update may be viewed as optional for users already running at least TrueCrypt 7.0, the most

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TrueCrypt 7.0 Released, Supports Hardware-Accelerated AES

TrueCrypt Performance Options showing hardware-accelerated AES

A major, feature-rich update to the TrueCrypt disk encryption tool hit the wire yesterday, notably adding support for Intel’s on-die AES-NI instruction set in Westmere class processors and newer. The authors claim a juicy 4 to 8 times performance leap

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Network Attackers: Where In The World 3

SSH Scans by Region

Two previous rounds of analysis using IP geolocation with Whois (Part 1 and Part 2) revealed that 40% to 45% of network intrusion attempts arriving at my public-facing SSH port could be traced back to Chinese hackers, and 20% to

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