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PHP7 Showing 3x Performance Gains Over PHP5 In Computational Tests

I’ve been upgrading my development systems from Fedora 24 to 25, getting PHP 7.0 in the process, replacing PHP 5.6. Much to my delight, the first tests with a specific computationally-oriented workload that I run are showing impressive performance improvements.

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Download MVPS HOSTS File Converted to Unix EOLs

Periodically I’ll be doing an ad-hoc deploy of MVPS HOSTS file on a Mac or Android system, and have to improvise a means to accomplish the required conversion from DOS to Unix line termination from the shell prompt.

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Leaving Windows for Linux on my Primary System


Few outside the technology business may be fully aware that Windows 10 arrives in the context of a major strategy shift at Microsoft. Feeling the heat from Google, Apple, and others, Microsoft needs to mutate and evolve its business models

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Network Intrusion Encounters and Countermeasures

Network intrusion threats ran rampant and unchecked on the internet, invisible to most users. You may see no apparent signs of the automatic probes directed at your computer network, arriving around the clock, scanning for potential entry points. But they

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