Scott Brown provides personalized, professional grade computer security services to businesses and individuals in the Los Angeles area and online, with an emphasis on defensive and preventative security practices.

Select one of the topics below to learn more about the computer security and IT services Scott offers for different situations and classes of technology assets.

Host Security Services

In general, host security and management services are available interchangeably for Windows, Mac, and Unix systems. Scott has particular expertise in both Windows and Linux system administration, and administers and secures Microsoft Windows endpoints and servers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, and Ubuntu servers in production capacities.

Services for protecting individual workstations and servers »

Network Security Services

Network security management and testing is a critical part of an effective security program. Scott has extensive field experience securing network services and servers from attack.

Services for protecting wired and wireless networks »

Web Security Services

Scott is a seasoned PHP-MySQL web application developer and Apache web server administrator, and has particular expertise in securing and administering the WordPress content management platform.

Services for protecting web sites and web-based applications »

Data Security Services

Data is your most vital technology asset. Scott provides services that help you shield your data from loss and disclosure.

Services for protecting sensitive personal, business, financial, client and patient records »

Often, of course, these areas overlap, and customer requirements may span several areas.

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