The Network Threat

Right now, hackers are probing your network, searching for weaknesses to exploit. This threat arrives around the clock from points all over the world. Any exposed service is a valid target and a potential means for intruders to gain a foothold into your systems.

If you manage servers of any type, whether reachable from the internet at your own facility, or operated as a VPS or cloud server with a hosting company, you’re exposed to this threat.

Do you understand your attack surface? Are you vulnerable?

Vulnerability Assessment Scanning: a Critical Part of an Effective Security Program

External vulnerability assessment scanning replicates the threat posture of a prospective network intruder from the untrusted public network. It mimics the techniques hackers use to case your servers for exploitation.

This assessment carries the highest urgency of all network security testing due to the constant danger of attacks.

Personalized Analysis

Your servers are scanned using an array of tools employed by both hackers and security professionals alike. These tools identify all exposed services and test them for known vulnerabilities, permissive configurations, and insecure modes of operation.

The results are compiled into a detailed report with scan findings, risk metrics, interpretation, and recommended corrective actions.


  • See your network as attackers see it
  • Discover network security gaps
  • Mitigate intrusion risk
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory and industry standards
  • Understand your own exposures
  • Gain personalized, expert insight and interpretation
  • Guide corrective measures

View Sample Report

This is a redacted version of an actual external vulnerability assessment report produced for a larger customer with a 16-address-wide public network segment.

Sample Vulnerability Assessment Report

Care is taken to deliver relevant, targeted, customized analysis and recommendations for each customer.

This is a comparatively long report because the customer operates many servers. Reports for a single server are shorter.

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Hackers are always finding new ways to break into your systems. It is ideal to perform this assessment on a quarterly basis to stay ahead of security state drift and newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Security incidents can stop your business in its tracks. Don’t leave your network security to chance.

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